Hay For Sale

We have Premium Alfalfa hay and Teff Grass for sale. 

Located just 2 miles out on the Kahlotus Hwy east of Pasco. By Appointment Only.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Saturday 8am – 5pm.
Closed Sunday and Holidays. No Sunday sales or calls please.
No emails please, prefer calls or texts.

2014 Alfalfa

CONVENIENT 2-TIE BUNDLE PACKAGE! We have a machine that bundles 18 standard 2-tie bales into a bundle for convenience of loading and hauling. We will set it in the back of your pickup or trailer and GO!


3rd cutting @ $180 cash ($200 credit card) per bundle of 18 bales. 

Green, quality alfalfa hay, no rain, no weeds! 85 lb +/- bales. Sold in bundles of 18 only. Tarped – sides and top, and set on rock. This is high quality alfalfa baled with dew, not dry hay, 14-18% moisture. 400 bundles left at this time.

Individual Alfalfa Bales are $14/Bale

2 String: Premium horse grade teff hay @ $250/ton. Minimum one ton. Tarped. 150 tons available at this time.
Delivery charge specifically for Teff is $40 per ton delivered and stacked within 20′ of truck.

Teff Grass is rapidly becoming the desired grass hay for horses. Our Teff grass hay has 15% protein and is soft and leafy.
For more info on Teff grass: http://teffgrass.com/feeding-teff.

Alfalfa 2 tie delivery: $40/load if we use our dump trailer. (Up to 6 bundles can be loaded on our dump trailer.) $1.00/bale additional if you want it hand stacked at your site (within 15′ of our truck).

4×4 bale delivery: $40/load up to 6 bales on our dump trailer. Other quantities are available, call for details.
Delivery charge specifically for Teff is $40 per ton delivered and stacked within 20′ of truck.
Add $10 per load to West Richland, $20 to Benton City.

We guarantee our hay to be quality hay. If for some reason you find some bad hay, we will be glad to trade you out for some good hay. If we have no hay to trade or you find our hay is absolutely unusable, we will refund your money for any hay that was not used.

**We do our best to offer great customer service! We are a large family farm and run our hay out of the retail store. We are human and have busy times, if you have made an appointment time for a delivery be sure to call and communicate with us if you haven’t seen us by the appointed time. Sometimes we just get behind, are swamped with orders/customers etc. we welcome your communication and phone call to touch base! Thank you for supporting a local family farm business! We appreciate it!

Feeder hay is sold as is.


LOCATION OF HAY: 1050 Pasco-Kahlotus Rd, Pasco, WA


Call or Text MAX 509-five51-5893. Local small hay sales and deliveries.

Call or Text KEITH 509-five21-4244. All hay sales and questions. Manager.

No Sunday sales or calls please.


4th cutting Alfafa 2-Tie

4th cutting Alfafa 2-Tie